CLI Installation and Development Features     

Using the CLI is the recommended way to go in order to benefit from all Quasar can do for it. You’ll be able to build:

First, we install Quasar CLI. Make sure you have Node >=8 and NPM >=5 installed on your machine.

# remove old quasar-cli package if you have it
$ npm uninstall -g quasar-cli

# install the new one
$ npm install -g @quasar/cli

Then we create a project folder with Quasar CLI:

$ quasar create <folder_name> -b v0.17

Note that you don’t need separate projects if you want to build any of the options described above. This one project can seamlessly handle all of them.

To continue your learning about Quasar, you should familiarize yourself with the Quasar CLI in depth, because you will be using it a lot.

What’s Included

While developing with Dev Server ($ quasar dev):

Developing for production ($ quasar build):

Take note of the ‘/quasar.conf.js’ file in the root of your project folder. This file helps you quickly configure the way your website/App works. We’ll go over it in the Configuration section.