What is a PWA     

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app that uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users. These apps meet certain requirements (see below), are deployed to web servers and accessible through URLs (on HTTPS protocol).

This can work in conjunction with Cordova to provide a multiple deploy targets for all your users. Quasar CLI allows you to deploy your app as a PWA as well as a Mobile app and take advantage of both channels.

What is Required

To be considered a Progressive Web App, your app must be:

More information available on Addy Osmani’s article about PWA.

Manifest File

An app manifest file describes the resources your app will need. This includes your app’s displayed name, icons, as well as splash screen. Quasar CLI configures this for you, but you can override any property from within /quasar.conf.js. Learn how by visiting the Configure PWA documentation page.

More information on the Manifest file can be read by accessing:

Service Worker

The Service worker provides a programmatic way to cache app resources (files). The programmatic API allows developers to decide how to handle caching and provides a much more flexible experience than other options.

More information on the Service Worker API can be read by accessing: