Quasar supplies a chat component called QChatMessage which is really a chat entry that renders the data given by the props.


Edit /quasar.conf.js:

framework: {
components: ['QChatMessage']

Basic Usage

This show a simple chat between two parties.

label='Sunday, 19th'

stamp="4 minutes ago"

:text="['hey, if you type in your pw', 'it will show as stars']"
stamp="7 minutes ago"

Vue Properties

Vue PropertyTypeDescription
sentBooleanRender as a sent message (so from current user)
labelStringLabel of message
nameStringName of the message creator
avatarStringURL to the avatar image of the creator (use a static resource)
textArrayArray of strings that are the message body. Strings are not sanitized, see details below.
stampStringCreation timestamp string
text-colorStringColor of the text
bg-colorStringColor of the chat message bubble
sizeNumber1-12 out of 12 (same as col-*).

Note that text property is an Array of Strings. This is useful when two or more messages share the same (or very close) timestamp. They will be displayed on separate bubbles, but grouped together more closely so that the name of the creator and timestamp are displayed only once for this kind of group.

Strings in the text property are not sanitized so you can display arbitrary html as message. If you display text from unknown source, like messages from users, you should always sanitize it yourself.

Please refer to the demo source for a more complete set of examples.