Datetime Picker     

The DatetimePicker component provides a method to input dates and time or both. There is also one more version available: Datetime Input.

You’ll notice in the demos that the iOS and Material Datetime pickers look and act totally different, just like their native counterparts.

Works well with QField for additional functionality such as a helper, error message placeholder and many others.


Edit /quasar.conf.js:

framework: {
components: ['QDatetimePicker']

Basic Usage

<!-- Only Date -->
<q-datetime-picker v-model="model" type="date" />

<!-- Only Time -->
<q-datetime-picker v-model="model" type="time" />

<!-- Date & Time -->
<q-datetime-picker v-model="model" type="datetime" />


The day and month names are taken care of by default through Quasar I18n. If your desired language pack is missing, please provide a PR for it.

Vue Properties

Supports v-model which must be a String, Number or Date Object.

Vue PropertyTypeDescription
typeStringOne of date, time or datetime. Default is date.
readonlyBooleanIf set to true, component is displayed as read-only.
disableBooleanIf set to true, component is disabled and the user cannot change model.
minimalBoolean(v0.15.9+) Don’t display header.
minStringOptional minimum value it can take. Has same format as Datetime model.
maxStringOptional maximum value it can take. Has same format as Datetime model.
default-viewStringOne of ‘year’, ‘month’, ‘day’, ‘hour’, ‘minute’.
default-valueString/Number/DateDefault date/time for picker when model is not yet set.
display-valueStringText to display on input frame. Supersedes ‘placeholder’.
first-day-of-weekNumber0-6, 0 - Sunday, 1 Monday, ….
format-modelStringData type of model (useful especially when starting out with undefined or null). One of ‘auto’, ‘date’, ‘number’, ‘string’.
colorStringOne from Quasar Color Palette.
darkBooleanIs component rendered on a dark background?
format24hBooleanOverride default i18n setting. Use 24 hour time for Material picker instead of AM/PM system which is default.
no-parent-fieldBooleanAvoid trying to connect to a parent QField.
header-labelString(v0.17.10+) Override weekday string. Applies to Material theme only.

Lazy Input

Vue will soon supply the .lazy modifier for v-model on components too, but until then, you can use the longer equivalent form:

@change="val => { model = val }"

Vue Methods

Vue MethodDescription
setYear(val)Sets year.
setMonth(val)Sets month.
setDay(val)Sets day.
setHour(val)Sets hour.
setMinute(val)Sets minute.
setView(val)Sets view. One of ‘year’, ‘month’, ‘day’, ‘hour’, ‘minute’. Notice that depending of type prop, some may not be available.
clear()Sets model to empty string (removes current value).

Vue Events

Vue EventDescription
@input(newVal)Triggered on immediate model value change.
@change(newVal)Triggered on lazy model value change.

The Model

Quasar uses its own date utility to work with date values within the model of the component.

The model (variable binded to v-model) must either be empty (undefined) or a string in the form of a valid ISO 8601 datetime value, like 2016-10-24T10:40:14.674Z. It can also be a shorter derivative of this string, like 2016-10-24 or 2016-10-24T10:40. The value can also be a Unix Timestamp (including milliseconds), like 1477298414674. Last but not least, it can also be an instance of the Javascript Date Object, like new Date().

For more information about how Quasar works with dates, please refer to the Handling JS Date documentation page.

Here are a few examples of setting up the value prop:

<q-datetime-picker v-model="model" type="datetime" />

// ....
export default {
data () {
return {
model: undefined // empty value
// OR
model: new Date() // as in "right this moment"
// OR
model: 1477298414674 // Unix Timestamp with milliseconds
// OR
model: '2016-10-24T10:40:14.674Z' // full ISO 8601 compliant value
// OR
model: `2016-10-24` // Any derivative of a valid ISO 8601 datetime value will
// also work, like '2016-10-24T10:40:14'
// OR
model: `2016-10-24T10:40`, // For an ISO 8601 value, the time must be included
// A Unix Timestamp will also work.
// ...

More Examples


Use the color and inverted/inverted-light props to control the color.

float-label="Float Label"

float-label="Float Label"

Also, if QDatetime is displayed on a dark background, add the dark property.

<q-datetime-picker dark color="secondary" />

Usage Inside of a List

<q-list-header>Date or Time</q-list-header>
<q-item-side icon="access_time" />
<q-datetime-picker v-model="model" type="time" />
<q-item-side icon="update" />
<q-datetime-picker v-model="model" type="date" />
<q-item-separator />
<q-list-header>Date & Time</q-list-header>
<q-item-side icon="notifications" />
<q-datetime-picker v-model="model" type="datetime" />