Swipe Touch/Mouse Action     

Quasar offers full-featured Vue directives that can totally replace libraries like Hammerjs: v-touch-pan, v-touch-swipe and v-touch-hold.

These directives also work with mouse events, not only touch events, so you are able to build cool functionality for your App on desktops too.

We will be describing v-touch-swipe on the lines below.


Edit /quasar.conf.js:

framework: {
directives: ['TouchSwipe']

Basic Usage

<div v-touch-swipe="handler">...</div>
// "handler" is a Function which receives an Object as parameter

Handler Parameter

The handler function/method is called by the directive when a swipe touch action took place on the DOM element and it receives the following parameter:

evt, // JS Native Event
direction, // "left", "right", "up" or "down"
duration, // Number in ms
distance // {x, y} Distance in pixels covered by swipe on horizontal and vertical

// example:
handler (obj) {
console.log(obj.direction) // "right"
console.log(obj.duration) // 78
console.log(obj.distance.x) // 273


horizontalCapture only horizontal swipe.
verticalCapture only vertical swipe.
up, right, down, leftCapture swipe on the respective direction.
noMouseAvoid capturing mouse events too.

Use horizontal or vertical when you only want to capture horizontal or vertical swipes, or specify which directions are of interest:

<div v-touch-swipe.horizontal="userHasSwiped">
Capturing only horizontal swipes.

<div v-touch-swipe.up.right="userHasSwiped">
Capturing only swipes to "up" or "right".

Avoid Capturing Mouse Events

When you don’t want to capture mouse actions too, use the noMouse modifier:

directive won't be triggered by mouse actions;
it's exclusively triggered by touch actions now:
<div v-touch-swipe.noMouse="userHasSwiped">...</div>