Vue Prototype Injections     

Quasar injects Vue prototype with $q object:

$q.versionStringQuasar version.
$q.themeStringTheme being used. Examples: mat, ios
$q.platformObjectSame object as Platform import from Quasar.
$q.i18nObjectInternationalisation for Quasar, containing labels etc (one of i18n files). Designed for Quasar components, but you can use in your app components too.
$q.cordovaObjectReference to Cordova global object. Available only when running under a Cordova app.
$q.electronObjectReference to Electron global object. Available only when running under an Electron app.

You can use it globally inside a Vue context (component script or template) like this:

<!-- inside a Vue template -->
<div v-if="$">
Gets rendered only on iOS platform.

// not available here outside
// of the export

export default {
// inside a Vue component script

// showing an example on a method, but
// can be any part of Vue script
methods: {
show () {
// prints out Quasar version